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life after graduation

 I am not sure about what is pressure, is it a good thing or not, because sometimes its pressure only which makes a person successful and sometimes it takes away the life also So I think it depends on the person how he or she takes it in its life. At first, we may not be able to take it, however, it doesn't mean it will conquer you, we should always look at it in a positive way that how we can learn from it.  Life is not going to be easy always we should always be prepared for an upcoming challenge because life always moves forward it is on us how we cope up with it. when I was in college I always used to think what if I was at home and can wander around freely without having any tension about studies and future, what it would be like and now when I am free at home in coronavirus pandemic, I want to go back college, so you can see we all are impatient and restless because we can't find happiness and meaning in what we are doing. I think people who don't share their feelings