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Negotiating between life and survival

 Today after getting fed up with all the extra unwanted thoughts on my mind I decided to start trading and to be honest I don't know shit about it, but I am trying my best or at least trying to give my best. And one thing I realize about it is that if you after earning money or I rephrase it as if you run after the money you will find it more difficult to earn it. so I think we should follow our passion. and I think in the end I think this is what only matters because even you earn money with the work which you don't like to do every day you will end up being bored and depressed about and trust I have felt it quite frequently. And when people (especially rich people) say that money can't buy happiness I feel it true because money can only fulfill your needs and desires. it cant buy you your fortune and your life if you understand what I am trying to say, I know some people find it bullshit but this is true as hell. you know lately, I have completed my bachelors in BTech and