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My thoughts on today

Some time I feel like the world in which we are living in is very different from what our ancestors thought , as we all can see that we all are standing on the edge of our souls but still we are not looking around that what is the reality we are living in, that what is the real happiness is instead of that we are just think about how we can fulfill our desires and our demands of our pleasure, it is not fully our mistake actually because we are getting so busy in our greed and in our life that we have forgot that real peace lies in humanity and in helping each other and in spending time with your close ones not on any product of technology, we all have heard stories from our parents and grandparents that how they used to spent time with each other and how close they were that any person who is in their blood relation but helps them like they are real brothers or sisters.... It is not that everything was perfect back then somethings are better now then that time and we should thank the innovation which helped us to make our lives better and easy then before.


  1. I am really thankful to my friend. Who sat and wrote about these things in the present era. For sure, Looking at the present time one hardly think about the real life. Meanwhile I am really sad about the these times how the big companies Facebook Twitter Instagram has already trapped billion of people living there life just on screen. They are living virtual life with just fake photos.

    I always dreamed of living such life and really depressed about the fact how I, myself in being trapped around these things. The day I start living in reality would be the best version of me.

  2. Very well said, and indeed it's the truth. Well the era we're currently living in is or probably better than the past but yes soon it'll get only worse.

  3. And the sad reality is that after knowing the fact we cant do anything

    1. At some point you are really damn true with those words.

      Individually, we can do alot. But we need everyone help to do so.

      I would like to ask for 20 minutes of your life. Please have a look at this video by kraig Adams. He speaks no words in his video and make sure to watch till end and you will understand the meaning of life.I was really surprised how he tell us something so important without words and what life is. I feel relaxed and free while watching.

      Make sure to watch in 4K with earphones on.

  4. This blog show us glimpses of realistic world from past and then smooth landing in present high tech world. Grt job to differentiate human nature of different era .

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